Luxury Wedding in Rome: TorCrescenza Castle

The Torcrescenza castle has been commissioned by the Marquis Francesco Crescenzi, in the spot where an ancient watchtower stood in 1100.

The castle was extended during the Medieval period, when the family took possession of great part of the surrounding territory. The main structure dates back to the 1400 and has underwent further extensions throughout history.

The castle, now immersed in the suggestive secular park at the gates of Northern Rome, is protected by the superintendence of Belle Arti and still inhabited by an ancient noble family.


Organising a wedding at the Torcrescenza castle means choosing elegance and sophistication with a timeless romanticism.

In particular, the enchantment of such a prestigious location that not only conquers Italian spouses, but also foreigners, and offers the possibility to take advantage of various environments: from the splendid frescoed halls to the external loggia that overlook a blaze of gardens and water games that frame the event in a climate of pleasant beauty.

Thanks to the richness of these environments, which can contain up to 1000 guests, events and weddings are organised throughout the year, curing every single detail with extreme refinement. Through the collaboration of professional wedding planners, who are able to emphasise the architectural and natural treasures of the castle with decorations that create a dream atmosphere, the future spouses can pronounce the so-longed-for Yes surrounded by a breath-taking noble frame.

The artistic beauty of the Torcrescenza castle has been the choice for V.I.P. weddings, but has also charmed high fashion and movie directors and photographers, who have made of the halls and gardens their personal set.