How to find the perfect wedding venue.

When it comes down to choosing the perfect wedding venue, you risk wasting too much time searching in the wrong place, and, often, not taking into consideration very important elements, and, finally, regretting it when it’s too late.

For this reason, you need to identify your priorities, analysing the characteristics of the perfect wedding venue we consider essential; start researching online, or trust in your wedding planner‘s experience, asking for her privileged relationships with the site managers.

perfect wedding venue

Once you make the first screening, concentrate on the shortlist of wedding venues that you have skimmed and start with the inspections; make the most of this list of questions, which will help you identify the perfect location for your wedding without hesitation:

How many guests can it hold?

Can we celebrate the ceremony there?

Is the venue rented exclusively or does this option require an additional cost?

Does the price vay according to seasons, hours, and rented spaces?

What’s included in the final price? Are there any additional costs to be added?

Is the catering choice limited to a shortlist of associate suppliers?

What can we do in case of rain? Is there a feasible plan B?

Are there any rooms for the guests and a suite for the spouses?

How far is the wedding venue from the church?

Will the chairs and tablecloths have to be rented separately?

Is there a capacious car park?

Are there hours restrictions for the party and music?

Don’t forget to inspect every space of the venue, make ALL the questions that can dissipate your every doubt, and make a decision having clear in your mind what kind of wedding party you’d like to organise. Last, but not least, have a good read of the contract.

find the perfect wedding venue