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Rome in the spotlight
Featured, The Great Beauty

Rome in the Spotlight

Rome in the Spotlight. Rome is so beautiful and rich in art and history that you can not afford not to visit it. Some spots are little known but wonderfully fascinating, others are famous monuments known all over the world. In this incredible photo gallery you will discover some stunning images that will show you Rome from a very unusual point of view. Some of the most beautiful places in the eternal city, illuminated by colorful artistic projections. Claudio Berrettoni is one of the most appreciated artists and light designers in Rome, and his projections contribute to make even more…

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David Vilella Destination Photographer in Rome

David Vilella Destination Photographer in Rome. VDIMAGE is a team of professionals specialized in wedding photo features, events, fashion and advertising, who share the style and inspiration of photographer David Vilella and his natural inclination to seize on the most real, emotional and exciting moments. VDIMAGE operates throughout Italy and abroad, and its expertise  is based in Rome, in the Aventino neighborhood, where photographic post-production and video-editing are done with the latest technologies.

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