Rome in the spotlight
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Rome in the Spotlight

Rome in the Spotlight. Rome is so beautiful and rich in art and history that you can not afford not to visit it. Some spots are little known but wonderfully fascinating, others are famous monuments known all over the world. In this incredible photo gallery you will discover some stunning images that will show you Rome from a very unusual point of view. Some of the most beautiful places in the eternal city, illuminated by colorful artistic projections. Claudio Berrettoni is one of the most appreciated artists and light designers in Rome, and his projections contribute to make even more…

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find the perfect wedding venue
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How to find the perfect wedding venue

How to find the perfect wedding venue. When it comes down to choosing the perfect wedding venue, you risk wasting too much time searching in the wrong place, and, often, not taking into consideration very important elements, and, finally, regretting it when it’s too late. For this reason, you need to identify your priorities, analysing the characteristics of the perfect wedding venue we consider essential; start researching online, or trust in your wedding planner‘s experience, asking for her privileged relationships with the site managers. Once you make the first screening, concentrate on the shortlist of wedding venues that you have…

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for amor wedding photographers
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Foramor International Wedding Photographers

Foramor International Wedding Photographers Foramor Wedding photographers is led by Konstantin Suslov, and with over a decade of creating wedding photography, and an award-winning pedigree as an international commercial and editorial photographer, Konstantin brings his technical perfection and his cinematic style to wedding ceremonies in Rome and across Italy. Working with a small team of dedicated professionals, Konstantin is obsessively focused on creating wedding photographs that thrill and delight, and countless superbly photographed weddings demonstrate that his photographic prowess, along with his people skills, make him an in-demand photographer at weddings around the world. Foramor are acclaimed for producing beautiful…

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Luxury Wedding in Rome: TorCrescenza Castle

Luxury Wedding in Rome: TorCrescenza Castle The Torcrescenza castle has been commissioned by the Marquis Francesco Crescenzi, in the spot where an ancient watchtower stood in 1100. The castle was extended during the Medieval period, when the family took possession of great part of the surrounding territory. The main structure dates back to the 1400 and has underwent further extensions throughout history. The castle, now immersed in the suggestive secular park at the gates of Northern Rome, is protected by the superintendence of Belle Arti and still inhabited by an ancient noble family.   Organising a wedding at the Torcrescenza…

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destination photographer

David Vilella Destination Photographer in Rome

David Vilella Destination Photographer in Rome. VDIMAGE is a team of professionals specialized in wedding photo features, events, fashion and advertising, who share the style and inspiration of photographer David Vilella and his natural inclination to seize on the most real, emotional and exciting moments. VDIMAGE operates throughout Italy and abroad, and its expertise  is based in Rome, in the Aventino neighborhood, where photographic post-production and video-editing are done with the latest technologies.

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wedding flowers
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Most Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Most Beautiful Wedding Flowers Flowers have become synonymous with weddings and are deeply rooted as a part of a tradition that has lasted for decades. When it comes to choosing what wedding flowers you would like on your wedding day though, that can be a little bit harder. You have to consider how you want to feel on your wedding day, and how you want your decor to reflect with your guests. Do you want it to be playful? Romantic? Casual? With so many types of flowers to choose from, and many that are seasonal or not available in some…

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churches in Rome
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The 10 most beautiful churches in Rome for a timeless wedding

Which churches in Rome do engaged couples choose for their wedding day? A seemingly embarrassing question, given the ample choice of churches in the Capital, which can actually make it even harder for the bride and groom to make up their minds. In my experience, though, I’ve noticed that in the majority of cases the couple already has a strong bond with a particular church and the choice appears almost obvious. When, on the other hand, I have to counsel the engaged couple, many other factors come into play. These 10 most beautiful churches in rome can be preferred for…

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