6 Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

What are the most enchanting honeymoon destinations in Italy?

Well, if you get to enjoy that long awaited honeymoon and if you are looking for a place to go, you should definitely add Italy to the list. Between the many cities to explore and things to do, you can do it all in Italy. Here are six cities to consider when looking for the perfect honeymoon location.

  1. Venice

A city built on water, Venice is absolutely stunning and never ceases to amaze. The city is full of tourists but that is only because of how breathtaking the architecture and city in general is. You can go on a romantic ride through the city in a gondola or taste wine from all over the country. There are many places to visit in Venice.

On your honeymoon, there are many activities to do and places to explore. The Basilica di San Marco, Galleriedell’Accademia, Palazzo Ducale, the list could continue. These buildings are full of beautiful paintings, architecture, and have a rich history that can only be found here. Enjoy a beautiful evening watching the sunset over the water while sipping Italian wine in a gondola.

honeymoon destinations in Italy

  1. Portofino

This coastal town is what dreams are made of. With buildings built right on the water, the harbor filled with yachts and sailboats, what is not to love? The architecture alone is worth the trip. Take a tour of Divo Martino, Castello Brown hilltop fortress, art galleries, and boutiques.

There is more to do than just tour the city. You can snorkel or dive wrecks, the reef, and see the Christ of the Abyss. You can be a beginner diver to enjoy all of these activities. What a honeymoon!

honeymoon destinations in Italy

  1. Capri

Blue grotto, Faraglioni, Villa Jovis, and Villa San Michele. These are just a few of the beautiful places to visit while in Capri, Italy. With history dating back to the Greeks, the architecture is stunning and have been mixed into modern life.

Two parts of Capri draw a huge are Capri Town and Anacapri. These draw even celebrities due to its rich culture and charm. You can walk through designer boutiques and cafes in both places. Be careful though. These towns tend to be pricy due to the fact that they are run by tourism. However, they are definitely worth going to and exploring.

honeymoon destinations in Italy

  1. Sicily

The island of Sicily is surrounded by beautiful seas covered in mountains, hills, and beautiful beaches. Sit on the beach with your new spouse and enjoy crystal clear waters or a hike through the mountains. There is also a rich history to be explored. With archaeological sites all over the island, you can explore its ancient history.

There are also other islands that you can explore that are close by. These include The Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica. You can also see the Stromboli Crater, a volcano that cannot be missed.

honeymoon destinations in Italy

  1. Rome

Experience Rome and all that it has to offer. Soak up the ancient history of the city by visiting the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Roman Forum. The art alone is worth the trip. See sculptures by Michelangelo, fountains by Bernini, and so much more.

The food is also a huge draw to honeymoon in Rome. The romantic settings and true fine dining is an experience in itself. You can also enjoy local wines that are award winning. Rome is full of so much to experience that it is truly a trip of a lifetime.

honeymoon destinations in Italy

  1. Florence

Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is simply stunning. The small city is packed full of art, history, architecture, and so much more. If you want to get out of the city, you can go to the seashore and breathe the fresh sea air.

Fashion is a huge part of Florence. Famous designers have started and thrived here for years. If you really want a taste, walk the streets and see shops that have been passed down for generations still open and doing well. Whatever you are looking to do on your honeymoon, Florence is definitely the place to do it.

honeymoon destinations in Italy

Honeymoons are meant to be romantic and a getaway from reality. Italy offers that and so much more. Whether you are looking to sit on the beach and relax or enjoy the life of the city, any of these six honeymoon destinations in Italy are perfect!